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How do Roundabouts Work? A Quick Guide to Kitchener’s New Intersections

We all know that four-way-stops are a daily source of aggravation. People do rolling stops, right of way is often ambiguous, and it’s just one more obstacle that slows you down. It’s why Waterloo Region has seen a commitment to roundabouts – these intersections are designed to keep traffic flowing, while making for a safer driving experience.

9 Back to School Driving Safety Tips

Children can be unpredictable by nature – and that increases tenfold when they’re scurrying around in a school zone. It almost seems as they will run with blinders on, hustling off to meet their friends before the school bell goes. And with that kind of unpredictability roaming all over – the onus is on the drivers to be mindful and extra careful while driving in a school zone. According to Canada’s Safety Council, September to November tend to be the worst months for young pedestrians.   

What is CTE?

If you type the keyword, ‘CTE’ into Google, it will bring up a long list of articles of former athletes showing signs of this disease, lawsuits against professional sports organizations and how head-jostling sports could be the primary cause of this.

Let’s back up a second.


What exactly is CTE? 

Injury Claims Against landlords

Any landlord who offers a building for rent is implicitly stating that the building is safe to inhabit. If this is not the case and you have been injured in a rental property - you may be entitled to compensation from the landlord.

Here is an overview on what you need to know about landlord liability.


Can a Landlord be held liable for the personal injury of tenants? 

What to do after a car accident

Car accidents can be emotionally jarring – with a lot going through your mind in the immediate aftermath of one. Taking two minutes now to read through this can greatly mitigate any problems down the road when filing a claim – and how you can protect yourself.


What to do right away after an accident:


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