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Your Safety Cheat-Sheet for Opening Your Cottage This Spring

Time at the cottage is meant to be relaxing and fun, but a serious accident can quickly turn a nice vacation into a stressful ordeal – especially in remote locations. Cottage owners and their guests have the duty to act responsibly in order to prevent injuries at the cottage. 

When you arrive in cottage country this spring, it will be worth it to check common problem areas of your property to assess for any substantial damages left by winter weather.

ATV Injuries are a Common Occurrence Across Canada – How Can You Stay Safe?

Boundless trails and wilderness make riding all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) a popular choice for Ontario’s outdoor enthusiasts. While they are mainly used for recreational purposes, the results of an ATV accident are just as serious as an automobile. 

In Ontario, approximately 15 people a day are admitted to hospital emergency rooms for injuries resulting from an ATV crash.