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Parking Lot Safety Tips to Avoid Blacking Out on Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner, which means people are busily preparing their cash and credit cards for some bargain hunting. This spending bonanza not only leads to heaps of shopping bags, but also a spike in vehicle mishaps. All the money you could save on deals could go to insurance and damage fees instead if you get yourself into an accident in the mall’s jam-packed parking lot.

How to Have a Safe and Happy Halloween

Be ready for some unexpected visitors at your door because Halloween is just around the corner! This holiday is a favourite among children and those young at heart, as they get to roam around the neighbourhood in atypical attire while satisfying their sweet tooth cravings. However, this special occasion does not just rack up candies and cavities – Halloween also sees a spike in accidents and injuries.

The Road Rage Report: Stats, Causes, and Safety Tips to Avoid Aggressive Driving

Our cars’ engines aren’t the only things revving up on the road – so do our emotions. As a result, we sometimes find ourselves speeding, yelling profanity, purposely tailgating other vehicles, using hostile hand gestures towards other drivers, and digging our palms into car horn buttons. All these forms of reckless behaviour point to one thing – road rage.   

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Driverless Cars – Will they speed us into the future or hit and miss?

It has happened before. As you approach a traffic light and wait for the next go signal, you glance around at the other vehicles on the road. You then notice the driver in the car next to you with their hands completely off the steering wheel and eyes off the road, focusing on their cellphone instead. You shake your head at the safety threat they pose…

But what if this was completely fine because they aren’t really the one in control? 

The reality of driverless cars revving on the road is quickly approaching, sooner than you might think.

Back to School Driving Safety Tips

Fall is on the approach, and that means that parents can take solace in the fact that their children will be heading back to school to broaden their horizons and challenge their minds. For children, this is an exciting time, but drivers are affected much differently. With large school busses ruling the streets, children clumsily biking quickly to make it to homeroom on time, and frazzled parents trying to drop their kids off in a hurry in order to make it to work on time, it’s safe to say that enhanced focus on the road is a must for all drivers.

Dangerous Driving Habits That Need to Stop

Driving is a skill that has been learned by many, but mastered by only some. For teenagers, owning a car is the gateway to independence, and for adults who don’t live in booming metropolises it’s basically a necessity. Driving is a rite of passage, and that’s why every teenager cannot wait to get their hands on their own set of keys. 

However, the reality is that operating a motor vehicle is a serious responsibility. Since driving is so common, many people behind the wheel often forget the risk they are taking by mindlessly developing bad habits.

How to Perfect Your Boat Trailering Skills

In Southwestern Ontario, the population in lakefront cottage country skyrockets during the summer months. Every July and August, families and friends pack up their vehicles and begin their journeys to find water. The weather throughout the year fails to permit many water related activities, so summertime provides the ideal climate for boating enthusiasts to dust off their trusted vessels and take them out for a spin.

The Long Weekend Safety Cheat Sheet

During a busy week, an upcoming long weekend can feel like a prize for all your hard work. Summertime getaways are special events that are looked forward to by Ontarians far and wide. Long weekends provide the ideal opportunity for individuals to get out of the city, and appreciate the water and woods. However, many cottage country activities pose serious safety risks if individuals fail to take caution.