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The Essential Winter Driving Guide

The flu, freezing temperatures and a flurry of snowflakes aren’t the only things people have to deal with during the winter. Like the mounds of snow that seem to keep piling up, the struggle of the season heightens for those with a driver’s license. Roads become slippery and drivers’ visions are obstructed as Mother Nature wreaks its winter havoc, creating an obstacle course-like commute prone to accidents. For the time of year when you’re most at risk of a collision, here is everything you need to know to stay safe on the roads.

How to Save Your Spine While Shovelling the Snow

Besides the colder temperatures and snowfall, the winter season also brings with it a dreaded duty for home owners – shovelling the snow. Clearing your driveway and sidewalk of lightweight fluff may not seem difficult, especially when you have a trusty shovel to help speed up the job. But in reality, this physically exhausting and time-consuming chore will make your aching body question whether winter is actually a wonderland.

Join the Harris Law team, we're hiring a Receptionist (Maternity Leave Contract)

Our boutique law firm in downtown Kitchener practicing exclusively in personal injury seeks a full-time receptionist to cover a maternity leave. This role is primarily an administrative role that includes a variety of diverse tasks; reception duties will be included as a secondary function of the role.

Contract Date: February 13, 2017 to February 16, 2018, with a possibility of an extension.

Rent the Right Place: Tips to help you find your new home

This is it – you patiently wait on the doorstep of what could possibly be your next home. After a few more knocks, the landlord finally opens the door to let you in. What happens afterward could go either two ways.

One – you instantly feel a cozy feeling once you step inside. As you scope out the beautiful unit, you can already imagine where your future furniture would go and all the things you’ll do once you sign the tenant agreement and move in. 

Speaking out on Nursing Home Neglect

Remembrance Day is a time to honour our war veterans and the sacrifices they made for the country and future generations. But sadly, some of them have been deprived of the hero’s treatment they deserve. Instead, they are forgotten and abandoned in collective housing residences. Older former soldiers, along with many other seniors, are now fighting a new battle – nursing home neglect and abuse. 


Parking Lot Safety Tips to Avoid Blacking Out on Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner, which means people are busily preparing their cash and credit cards for some bargain hunting. This spending bonanza not only leads to heaps of shopping bags, but also a spike in vehicle mishaps. All the money you could save on deals could go to insurance and damage fees instead if you get yourself into an accident in the mall’s jam-packed parking lot.