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9 Back to School Driving Safety Tips

Children can be unpredictable by nature – and that increases tenfold when they’re scurrying around in a school zone. It almost seems as they will run with blinders on, hustling off to meet their friends before the school bell goes. And with that kind of unpredictability roaming all over – the onus is on the drivers to be mindful and extra careful while driving in a school zone. According to Canada’s Safety Council, September to November tend to be the worst months for young pedestrians.   

What is CTE?

If you type the keyword, ‘CTE’ into Google, it will bring up a long list of articles of former athletes showing signs of this disease, lawsuits against professional sports organizations and how head-jostling sports could be the primary cause of this.

Let’s back up a second.


What exactly is CTE? 

What to do if you’re in a bus accident

Buses are one of the most common modes of transportation. Whether it be within the city for commuting, or for purposes of travel, many people travel on buses on a regular basis. According to the Ontario Motor Coach Association (OMCA), motor coach buses carry approximately 86 million people around Canada each year. And while the OMCA states that buses are one of the safest vehicles of transportation, accidents can still happen.