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Should you install a dashcam?

Dashboard cameras basically capture footage of what’s ahead of you while driving. The benefit is that if you’re in an accident, it could be caught on camera which eliminates any questions about what happened and who was at fault making insurance claims much easier.

“The camera provides more information for insurance purposes, giving insurance companies “real data that they can use to make proper decisions on claims,” said Kristine D’Arbelles, a CAA spokeswoman."

Ursula Lebana, owner of the Toronto-based Spytech store, said she has been selling dashboard cameras for a long time to car owners concerned about vandalism to their vehicles.

Distracted driving, criminal negligence and Ontario injury claims

On August 20, 2013, a cube truck driver in Toronto crashed head-on into a TTC bus as passengers were entering and exiting, according to Link Newspaper. The crash killed one of the bus passengers, a 52-year-old woman, and injured 12 others. Some injuries were deemed life-threatening. A witness alleges that the 40-year-old truck driver was talking on his cellphone at a Scarborough intersection just moments before he crashed into the bus.