Should you install a dashcam?

pros and cons of dashboard camerasDashboard cameras basically capture footage of what’s ahead of you while driving. The benefit is that if you’re in an accident, it could be caught on camera which eliminates any questions about what happened and who was at fault making insurance claims much easier.

“The camera provides more information for insurance purposes, giving insurance companies “real data that they can use to make proper decisions on claims,” said Kristine D’Arbelles, a CAA spokeswoman."

Ursula Lebana, owner of the Toronto-based Spytech store, said she has been selling dashboard cameras for a long time to car owners concerned about vandalism to their vehicles.

They also help police track down drivers who have left the scene of an accident.

More and more drivers are installing dashcams, but the verdict is still out on whether or not they’re actually a good idea. There are concerns about dashcams contributing to distracted driving.

"If it’s just sitting there, and just recording, you don’t have to touch it, then it’s fine,” D’Arbelles said.  “If all of a sudden you have to fiddle with it while you’re driving and moving it around…then that becomes an issue because that could become an added distraction behind the wheel and could actually cause an accident instead of actually trying to prevent one.”

Steve Kee, the Insurance Bureau of Canada spokesman, said the device is something the IBC will watch, but can't yet support until more research is done.

So far, the Canadian Automobile Association is neutral about the device, saying it's a bit of a grey area when it comes to the positives and negatives.

It’s up to you decide if a dashcam is a good idea for you. Dashcam or not, if you are ever injured in a car accident, it’s a good idea to talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer.

Source: - Why dashcams are growing in popularity