National Teen Driver Safety Week

October 19-25 is National Teen Driver Safety week in Canada. Learning the basics of driving and being comfortable with its autonomy and responsibility is a completely different landscape than it was 5 or 10 years ago. With the advent of smartphones and technologically enabled cars – it’s an absolute breeding ground for distraction. 

Did you know that young people account for approximately one quarter of all road-related injuries and fatalities? While they only make up 13% of licensed drivers, that number is quite alarming.  

Parachute is a national, charitable organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives and have done an unbelievable job with raising awareness and creating resources revolving around the growing risks of distraction teen drivers.

A powerful angle they performed in their campaign was around the “Best Friends Forever.” Peer influences in the teenage years have a massively profound impact on their decision-making. Your best friends are the ones you confide in, make plans with and spend a significant amount of time with – which is why friends need to encourage each other to agree not to text and drive and to wait until they’ve safely reached their destination. The hashtag #PracticeSafeText is a driving force towards a conversation that has to be had among peer groups. 

Anyone who has been involved in a car accident knows that the effects can be far reaching. Severe injuries can happen as a result of even a seemingly minor accident, and the losses you experience, both physically and financially, can last for years.

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