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Player safety is crucial for young hockey players

For many young Canadians, the dropping temperatures mark the exciting beginning of a long-awaited and well-loved time of the year: hockey season!

It’s a time of the year parents can appreciate too – that is, until the puck drops and suddenly, the local arena feels like the Stanley Cup finals with every player ready to risk life and limb to score one for their team. 

So how safe is youth hockey, really? Hearing stories of young and professional hockey players suffering devastating serious injuries can feel all too real, because, well, it is.  

5 Tips for Winter Motorcycling

Although riding your motorcycle during the wintertime is legal in Ontario, it doesn’t mean that it’s always the smart thing to do – and especially doing so unprepared. 

When road conditions are bleak and slippery, it’s usually best to just stay home and not take your chances. 

However, sometimes, riding in these conditions is just unavoidable. 

That’s why it’s important to remember what you must do in order to safely maneuver icy or snowy roads on your trusty mechanical steed. 

Take a look at these 5 tips.

Should you be driving if you’re tired?

When it comes to impaired driving, we often liken it to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or being distracted by our cell phones while we’re behind the wheel. 

However, driving while fatigued is a cause of impairment that’s much more prevalent — and just as dangerous. 

Driver fatigue can be defined as physical and/or mental fatigue that reduces a person’s ability to drive. When a fatigued person is driving, their level of awareness, judgement, perception, and ability to react decreases.  

Is your dog causing you to drive dangerously?

As adorable as it can be to see Fido stick his head out the window with his tongue flopping in the wind, unrestrained pets can be a serious safety issue that could lead to severe consequences. 

When dogs climb into drivers’ laps, or when they hop from one seat to the next, they take away from the attention a driver needs to have to safely operate their vehicle.

How to stay safe late in the cottage season

While the summer counts down towards fall, it is completely understandable to want to soak up as much times as humanly possible in your “home away from home.” As many seasoned cottagers know – once the temperature drops and the leaves change – it can be a whole new world in the north.  

Here are six best practice tips on what to get in the habit of when you’re at the cottage in the fall.